Terms & Conditions

  1. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions that we have agreed in order for you to promote Premium Rate Services in return for financial remuneration. The term ‘UK4 Ltd’ mentioned in this agreement refer to us and the term ‘client’ refers to you the applicant. 
  2. Nothing in the agreement shall create, or be deemed to create, a partnership, joint venture or the relationship of employer and employee or except to the extent set out in this agreement. The Client also understands that any legal responsibilities including but not limited to Income Tax, VAT and National Insurance etc. is the Client’s responsibility. 
  3. UK4 Ltd agree to pay the client the current pence per minute rate as designated on the “Revenue & Earnings” page on the Internet site. These rates are subject to changing market conditions, and it is the client’s responsibility to make themselves aware as to the current rates. 
  4. Clients must fully familiarise themselves and agree to conform to the Phone Pay Plus Codes of Practice for Premium Rate Services when taking such a service. Clients must pay full attention that they do not break this code when promoting their own service(s) and give due consideration to proper promotion with regard to stating the cost of the call, address or Post Box No. etc. when advertising such a service. 
  5. Clients shall make themselves aware as to the differences between Adult and Non Adult Services and to how they shall be promoted. 
  6. Payment shall be made approximately 50 days from the end of your first quarter. This is to allow us to collect all monies due from the suppliers and Telco’s and to provide a period to prevent clawback. After the first payment you will be paid quarterly. No cheque is issued for under £100. If the amount due is less than £100 this will be automatically rolled over until your total earnings exceed £100. 
  7. UK4 Ltd cannot be held responsible for any losses or liability however caused should the service(s) be suspended or breakdown etc. Neither can UK4 Ltd be help responsible for any loss of earnings however caused whether direct, indirect or consequential. 
  8. UK4 Ltd cannot be held responsible for any losses or liability however caused should the supplier(s) of services to UK4 Ltd go into administration or liquidation. 
  9. The Client will indemnify and keep UK4 Ltd indemnified against all liabilities actions or proceedings claims and demands whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of the operation of a premium rate service(s) by the Client or in respect of any advertisement promoting the service(s). 
  10. All set up fees etc. are non refundable. 
  11. UK4 Ltd shall have the right to terminate a Client’s contract and service and retract the premium number should the Client fail to promote the Service and generate any revenue. This shall be at the sole discretion of UK4 Ltd after consultation with the client. If a service fails to generate any income within three consecutive months then it shall be automatically terminated unless prior consent has been given be UK4 Ltd. 
  12. UK4 Ltd reserves the right to terminate any agreement with any client whom in the sole opinion of UK4 Ltd or any other third party such as Phone Pay Plus or Offcom, etc. has breached any of the terms and conditions, or broken any of the relevant codes etc. 
  13. All advertising proofs should be sent to UK4 Ltd by post, fax, or email prior to placement for approval.
  14. The Client agrees that any monies owing to UK4 Ltd shall be deducted from any income before payment. 
  15. The Client agrees that should they choose to use the UK4 Ltd Post Box No. that UK4 Ltd shall have the right to open any post and act upon its contents. 
  16. The Client can terminate a Service by giving 30 days notice in writing. This can be by email but a receipt should be asked for.
  17. UK4 Ltd will endeavour to help with advertising premium rate services and will not under any circumstances be responsible for the outcome, advertisements are placed at a clients own risk.
  18. The agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of England.
    UK4 Ltd,  Kingsway House, 134-140 Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2DL